Leak Investigation and Repair

The most common and costly problems associated with the performance of a building envelope are related primarily with excessive air leakage and water intrusion. In particular, windows, doors and curtain walls, as well as their interface with the adjacent wall construction, are determining elements in the performance of the building envelope. Improved standards and design principles have contributed in significantly improving the performance of window; doors and curtain wall systems, whether it is with respect to resistance to water penetration, air leakage resistance, wind load resistance or condensation resistance. The reality, however, is that many buildings of recent construction are still experiencing problems with the in-service performance of installed window and curtain wall systems. Typically, these problems are often the result of poor installation, fabrication and lack of adequate quality

When water has penetrated into the building, we intervene: we evaluate the situation and provide comprehensive reports, we identify the cause, provide and approach the appropriate solutions. If the envelope of the building has been damaged we take the proper actions to stop the water infiltration and provide quotation for complete repairs. If a waterproofing barrier has failed we focus on minimizing the damages while the decision makers are informed. 

Our main objective is to minimize and stop immediately any further water damage. We find it the most effective approach in dealing with water infiltration. If nothing is being done, while we are tangled into paperwork, the damages can increase exponentially. We want to solve the problems not to become a more inflicting part in the process.