Transparent Waterproofing

Transparent Waterproofing

Water repellent and waterproofing products are for the protection of vertical or inclined surfaces from the effects of rainwater,
whose principal polymers in the dispersion is silane or siloxane.

The initial transparent liquid creates either a surface hydrophobic skin or it penetrates into porous of the substrate and then reacts and produces a bonded
hydrophobic lining to the pores (the different way of action must be mentioned for each product). Some of them can be added to the finishing product (e.g.
into the final surface coating).

They are easily applied by brush or spray, diluted in solvent or water or without dilution. Before application it is essential to ensure that the substrate is dry and perfectly clean from dust, oils, paint, salt laitance,grease.

Water repellents are used for protection of vertical or inclined surfaces from the effects of rainwater (penetration, efflorescence, spalling due to freeze
thaw cycles), in cases that we don’t want discoloration or change of surface appearance in any way. When we want moisture vapor transmission (breathability) of the substrate, we must use water repellents that penetrate into substrate porous
instead of those that produce skin on the surface.

They are mainly used for the protection against rainwater of :

  • exposed concrete or masonry structures
  • decorative cement renders
  • facing bricks, natural and artificial stones, non-glazed ceramic tiles

They are not recommended for waterproofing of horizontal surfaces and areas with standing water of water under pressure.